Ratnam Pens

Ratnam Pens, India’s First Swadeshi Pens – Writing History since 1932. 

Handcrafted Solid Gold, Silver & Ebonite Pens

“This pen is an iconic instrument, and it has a legacy to live up to” – Now available for purchase in PenFolds.

This pen was first made during the ‘Boycott Movement’ of India’s Freedom Movement. Gandhiji advised Ratnam Pens to make something that would be utilitarian and affordable to the common man.

Ratnam made a pen in Ebonite and sent it to Gandhiji. The Mahatma wrote to him on July 16, 1935 from Wardha:

“Dear Ratnam, I must thank you for the fountain pen you sent me… I have needed it and [it] seems to be a good substitute to the foreign pen, once in the bazaar.

Yours sincerely,

M.K. Gandhi,


PS: The Ratnam in the Picture belongs to Mr.Hari. We thank him for the picture.

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